Friday, 4 November 2016

Implementing a Holistic Business Strategy

Would you start your own business if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if you knew of a definite way to feel entirely confident going head first into your new business adventure! The key is to utilize the templates of business strategy analysis, which will allow you and your stakeholders to take a close look at all of the potential and apparent Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats relevant to your business plan.

Using a business strategy analysis is the best way to take a close look at your idea on paper. You should ideally adopt a professional SWOT analysis template to help you develop data to support your business strategy option. From the analysis outcome, you will not only be able to establish Strengths and Opportunities associated with your business venture firmly; but you’ll also be able to identify weaknesses and threats, such that you can tackle these deficiencies head-on. When you present to investors and stakeholders, you want a foolproof strategic plan that can withstand an interrogative challenge of its credibility, while remaining open to opportunities for strengthening same.

A prior undertaking of business strategy analysis, enhances the identification and elimination of vulnerabilities in the planned strategy, before presenting this to stakeholders.

The outcome of the business strategy analysis can be provided in multiple options of visual output charts to facilitate an impactful communication, ideal for communication (in presentations or correspondences) to potential investors or indeed stakeholders. This chart is not only a useful approach to convey the confidence in the organizational aspirations, but it’s the perfect way to portray the preceding due diligence that has been applied to a recommended strategic investment option or in selecting an ideal approach amongst multiple options. As such, investor/stakeholder confidence is built around moving forward into transforming the vision into reality.

Applying the business strategy analysis approach instills confidence in the path being taken towards beginning a successful business venture. If for instance insurmountable Weaknesses and overwhelming Threats of an option far outweigh its strengths and opportunities, then it might be prudent to consider an alternative option that offers more realistic and feasible Strengths as well as credible and exploitable Opportunities, before advancing the decision options to stakeholders. This early due diligent analysis inspires stakeholder and investor confidence in the proposals, the decision process, and its proponents.

While creating a new, exciting business venture could be an amazing thing, bringing this to reality requires a thorough appreciation of the associated relevant factors. Using a business strategy analysis is an excellent way to mitigate those potential and apparent threats and weaknesses before they manifest. A prior analysis is a major step in the planning process, allowing potential stakeholders to buy into the vision, knowing that you not only came up with a viable idea, but you’ve taken your idea to the next level and have done your research to ensure there’s a viable product or service on offer. If you’re in the process of coming up with a business plan, be sure to include a qualitative and quantitative business strategy analysis.

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